Campus Meal Plan

Campus Meal Plan for MATC Students

New, Convenient and Affordable Way to Enjoy Meals on Campus

Campus Meal Plan logoWhat is the Campus Meal Plan?
The Campus Meal Plan consists of Dining Dollars purchased in $150 blocks. The Dining Dollars can be used to purchase any item sold in the Campus Café or Stormer Café, and the 6th Street Bakery, 6th Street Café and Cuisine Restaurant (excluding alcohol). The items sold will be tax free when using Dining Dollars.

What is the cost of the meal plan?
The Dining Dollars are sold in blocks of $150.

What is the minimum amount of meals I need to purchase?
You need to purchase Dining Dollars in $150 blocks.

What if I want to purchase more than $150 for the semester?
You can purchase up to three $150 blocks of Dining Dollars per semester.

When can I begin to use the Campus Meal Plan?
After the Dining Dollars are purchased, you must activate the Dining Dollars in any Campus Café or Stormer Café location and then you can begin using them.

How do I purchase a Campus Meal Plan?

You have two options:

Option 1: If you want to use financial aid money:

After you have received your award of financial aid, typically August 15 and January 2, go to any campus Bookstore to request a Dining Dollars purchase.

The Bookstore staff will provide you the paperwork that needs to be completed and will notify you if you have sufficient funds to purchase the Dining Dollars. Take the completed forms to a cashier at any Stormer Café or Campus Café to activate your meal plan dollars.

Option 2: If you want to pay with cash or credit card:

Go to any Campus Café or Stormer Café register, the kiosks at each campus, or via E-Accounts, to request the purchase of Dining Dollars. Complete the necessary paperwork and pay for your block of Dining Dollars. No paperwork is needed for E-Accounts. You will be able to use your Dining Dollars immediately.

How do I track my Dining Dollars?
You may check your Dining Dollars balance at any Stormer Pass station on campus or via E-Accounts. The amount of remaining Dining Dollars also will be printed on your receipt.

What if I do not have enough Dining Dollars in my plan to pay for the items I want?
The food service cashier will utilize all your plan dollars and then you can pay with cash or credit card for the remaining balance.

Campus Meal Plan: Redeeming Your Meals

Where can I redeem my Dining Dollars?
You can redeem your Dining Dollars at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus Café, and at the Stormer Café at the Mequon, Oak Creek and West Allis campuses.

The Dining Dollars also are available to use at the 6th Street Café, 6th Street Bakery and Cuisine Restaurant on the Downtown Milwaukee Campus.

Do my Dining Dollars ever expire?
All unused Dining Dollars expire on the last day of the Spring semester.

How will the Dining Dollars be deducted from my Campus Meal Plan?
You will present your Stormer Pass to the food service cashier prior to purchasing your meal. The cashier will ring up your selections and swipe your Stormer Pass to deduct the purchase from your Dining Dollars account.

How do I identify what can be selected with the Dining Dollars?
You may purchase any item sold in a Stormer Café, the Campus Café, 6th Street Bakery, 6th Street Café and Cuisine (excluding alcohol).

What is the refund policy?
Refunds will be allowed in $150 blocks only; partial blocks will not be refunded. Go to any Student Life Office to begin the refund process.

How can I stretch my Dining Dollars to make them last longer?
Spending your Dining Dollars wisely will prolong the availability of funds. The Campus Meal Plan was designed for students to have funds available for nutritious meal choices all semester. Limiting the purchases of snacks and food for friends will help your funds last longer. 

Campus Meal Plan FAQ (pdf)