Severe Weather and MATC Classes

Severe Weather and MATC Classes

In the event of severe weather, classes continue as scheduled and campuses remain open unless a cancellation or closure is announced. Generally, the college does not announce that classes are on or that campuses are open.

In the event of weather that requires closing the college and/or canceling classes:

  • The RAVE Alert System will remain the College's primary communication tool with employees and students. It can provide "push notifications" through the Rave Guardian app and sends alerts via text messages, phone calls and emails.
  • MATC will post on and social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Local news media, including Milwaukee PBS, will also be notified to announce class cancellations or closures.

When possible, delayed start times, class cancellations or college closure will be announced no later than 5 a.m. for day classes and activities, or 1 p.m. for evening classes and activities. "Day" classes are those that begin before 4 p.m.; "evening" classes are those that begin at or after 4 p.m.

In the event that repeated class cancellations or college closures impact academic requirements, make up class time may be necessary. Faculty and students will be informed if this is required.