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Work and Life Experience

Work and Life Experience


Work and Life Experience Portfolio Evaluation allows students to request course credit for knowledge and skills acquired through employment, cooperative (co-op) education and/or training. Milwaukee Area Technical College will not award credit based solely on years of employment. Experiences must be verifiable and demonstrate achievement of course competencies. Additionally, a portfolio must be submitted for each course you are requesting credit.  In addition to documentation, students may be asked to display specific skills and/or complete an interview to assess content knowledge.


What is a Portfolio?

View/Print the Portfolio template (pdf)

Step 1: Select a course that matches your prior knowledge and skills.

Review MATC program course descriptions and competencies to determine which courses satisfy your program requirements and if you have the skills and knowledge needed to earn course credit.  Choose from the list of MATC courses / programs offering Work & Life Experience CPLE.


MATC CPLE Approved Course List for Work & Life Experience:

ACCTG 111: Accounting 1 (pdf)
ACCTG 123: Individual Income Tax (pdf)
ACCTG 130: Computerized Accounting (pdf)
BADM-134: Business Organization & Management (pdf)
COMPSW-106: Introduction to MS Office (pdf)
CULART-112: Business/Industry Food Service/Catering (pdf)
ENTREP-101: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (pdf)
ENTREP-104: Business Plan (pdf)
ENVHEL-145: Water/Wastewater Operations-Municipal (pdf)
HRMGT-193: Human Resource Management (pdf)
ITDEV-110: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (pdf)
ITDEV-115: Intermediate Object Oriented Programming (pdf)
ITDEV-117: Logic and Program Solving (pdf)
ITDEV-140: Programming with JAVA (pdf)
ITDEV-150: Database Management with SQL (pdf)
ITDEV-154: Data Structures and Programming (pdf)
ITDEV-160: Web Programming with Scripts, Java Script (pdf)
ITDEV-162: Client/Server and E-Commerce Implementations (pdf)
ITDEV-177: Systems Analysis and Design (pdf)
ITDEV-181: Mobile Application Development (pdf)
ITDEV-184: iPhone and iOS Mobile Application Development (pdf)
ITDEV-198: Internship (pdf)
ITNET-101: Network Communications (pdf)
ITNET-112: Microsoft Server Administration 1 (pdf)
ITNET-131: Introduction to Networks - CISCO 1 (pdf)
ITNET-132: Routing and Switching Essentials - CISCO 2 (pdf)
ITSEC-124: Network Security (pdf)
ITSUP-102: CompTIA A+ Essentials (pdf)
ITSUP-108: Enterprise Desktop Support (pdf)
ITSUP-140: Support Center Analyst (pdf)
ITSUP-152: Apple Certified Support Professional (pdf)
ITSUP-153: CompTIA Mobility+ (IOS, Android, Windows) (pdf)
LOGMGT-144: Production Planning & Inventory Control (pdf)
LOGMGT-146: Operations Management (pdf)
LOGMGT-164: Supply Chain Management (pdf)
MGTDEV-188: Project Management (pdf)
MGTDEV-191: Supervision (pdf)
RLEST-180: Principles of Real Estate (pdf)
RLEST-182: Real Estate Law (pdf)
RLEST-183: Real Estate Broker Preparation (pdf)
RLEST-187: Broker Management (pdf)
RLEST-189: Introduction to Home Inspection (pdf)
RLEST-191: Residential Plumbing for Inspectors (pdf)
RLEST-192: UDC Construction for Inspectors (pdf)
RLEST-193: Residential Electrical for Inspectors (pdf)
RLEST-194: Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning for Home Inspectors (pdf)
RLEST-197: Commercial Building Code for Inspectors (pdf)
VICOM-150: Introduction to Digital Media (pdf)

ANIM-106: Principles of 3D Animation (pdf)
AUDIO-100: Introduction to Audio Software (pdf)
AUDIO-103: Recording Live Concerts (pdf)
AUDIO-111: Advanced Audio Software (pdf)
AUDIO-117: Sound Reinforcement (pdf)
CSG-115- CSG Production (pdf)
EPROD-150: Introduction to eProduction (pdf)
EPROD-152: eProduction Techniques and Implementation (pdf)
EPROD-153: eProduction Practicum 1 (pdf)
EPROD-154: eProduction Integration (pdf)
EPROD-155: eProduction Advanced Techniques (pdf)
GRDS-107: Digital Imaging: Adobe Photoshop (pdf)
GRDS-112: Graphic Design Workshop (pdf)
GRDS-115: Typographic Fundamentals (pdf)
GRDS-122: Vector Graphics: Adobe Illustrator (pdf)
MUSIC-101- Music Business (pdf)
MUSIC-118- Music Analysis (pdf)
MUSIC-143- Music Notation 1 (pdf)
MUSIC-148: Music (pdf)
MUSIC-189: Voice Lab 1 (pdf)
MUSIC-190: Choir 1 (pdf)
Photo-101: Digital Fundamental Photography (pdf)
TV-101: TV/Video Studio Production Techniques (pdf)
TV-105: TV/Video Field Production (pdf)
TV-107: Scriptwriting for Visual Media TC (pdf)
TV-112: Storytelling Via Post-Production (pdf)
TV-113: Television Lighting and Set Construction (pdf)
TV-119: Engineering for Production Students (pdf)
TV-123: TV and Video Production Co-op 1 (pdf)
TV-142: Non-Linear Video Editing and Authoring (pdf)
TV-144: Graphic Design for Video Integration (pdf)
VICOM-105: Rich Media for the Web (pdf)
VICOM-108: Web Scripting Basics (pdf)
VICOM-123: Web Design Overview (pdf)
VICOM-124: Content Management Systems (pdf)
VICOM-125: Web Development with JavaScript and jQuery (pdf)
VICOM-126: Responsive Web Design (pdf)
VICOM-128: Web Development with HTML/CSS (pdf)
VICOM-134: Audio/Video Production for the Web (pdf)
VICOM-145: Portfolio (pdf)
VICOM-150: Introduction to Digital Media (pdf)
VICOM-152: Interactive Design (pdf)
VICOM-162: Database Web Design/PHP & MySQL (pdf)
WEBDEV-102: Introduction to Digital Media (pdf)
WEBDEV-114: Introduction to Digital Media (pdf)
WEBDEV-119: Web Design Overview (pdf)
WEBDEV-120: Audio/Video Production for the Web (pdf)
WEBDEV-123: Interactive Design (pdf)
WEBDEV-124: Database Web Design/PHP & MySQL (pdf)
WEBDEV-132: Rich Media for the Web (pdf)
WEBDEV-133: Content Management Systems (pdf)
WEBDEV-134: Responsive Web Design (pdf)
WEBDEV-140: Web Development with JavaScript and jQuery (pdf)
WEBDEV-199: Portfolio (pdf)



Step 2: Submit the CPLE Work & Life Experience Portfolio Form

After you have identified a course from our list of approved courses, complete the online CPLE Work/Life Experience portfolio form. You will receive a response via e-mail regarding your next steps.
Complete the form (link)


Step 3:  Pay the CPLE assessment fee.

Pay for Work & Life Experience Portfolio Review. 
Skills Demonstration - $90
Portfolio - $90
Fee amounts are charged per assessment and are non-refundable.


Step 4: Use the CPLE Portfolio Tutorial to develop your Work & Life Experience portfolio.

Watch the CPLE Portfolio Tutorial video (link)


Step 5: Submit your CPLE Work & Life Experience portfolio.

Submit your CPLE Work & Life Experience Portfolio to



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