Tuesday – January 28, 2020

MATC Prohibits Concealed Carry Weapons

Policy Banning Dangerous Weapons in Place Since 1995

MILWAUKEE (Nov. 4, 2011) - At its October 25, 2011, meeting the MATC District board approved revisions to a policy that prohibits weapons in MATC-owned and occupied buildings. Since 1995, the college has had a policy prohibiting dangerous weapons on campus. The policy can be viewed here: G0301-1: Weapons on MATC Property.

The MATC District Board previously approved a resolution prohibiting concealed carry weapons in MATC-owned and occupied buildings. This resolution was in response to Wisconsin Act 35, which allows for the concealed carrying of certain weapons for persons who have received training and a permit to carry. Based on the board's directive, signage announcing the prohibition of weapons has been installed at all entrances to MATC buildings.

Wisconsin Act 35 limits MATC's ability to prohibit concealed carry in certain places. MATC cannot limit or prohibit individuals from carrying concealed weapons in the following places:

  • Outdoor college spaces, including grounds and training facilities that are not in a building. This includes campus lawns, parking lots, and other such areas.
  • Parking facilities (even those parking facilities that are attached to an MATC building); however, the college will require that weapons be unloaded, encased, out of sight, and in a locked vehicle.
  • Space that MATC leases to others unless the tenant also posts a weapons prohibition.

Additionally, in most cases the college cannot prohibit sworn law enforcement officers (on or off duty) from carrying concealed weapons.