Tuesday – January 28, 2020

"Ranger Track" Agreement Links MATC and UW-Parkside

Calling it a "memorable occasion," Milwaukee Area Technical College Interim Provost Dr. Evonne Carter and University of Wisconsin-Parkside Chancellor Lane Earns signed their names to a transfer agreement linking the two institutions. The pact was finalized during a ceremony at the Kenosha campus May 12, 2009.

The agreement creates the "Ranger Track" program at MATC. This guarantees admission to UW-Parkside's School of Business and Technology for students who complete the technical college's Liberal Arts and Science Associate Degree Program and attain a specified level of academic achievement.

"I am very pleased to be able to add my name to this Ranger Track agreement that we are going to sign today. This will create opportunities to increase the number of baccalaureate degree holders in southeast Wisconsin, which should prove beneficial for both the students and business community," said Fred Ebeid, UW-Parkside Dean of the School of Business and Technology.

Under this agreement, UW-Parkside will accept a maximum of 72 credits from MATC's accredited collegiate transfer liberal arts program. Students holding an MATC Associate of Science or Art degree with a minimum of 45 transferable credits will be considered to have completed UW-Parkside's math and English competency and general education requirements. The university's foreign language and ethnic diversity requirements must also be completed by MATC students.

Ebeid said the agreement supports UW System President Kevin Reilly's Growth Agenda for Wisconsin.

MATC Business Dean Lucia Francis called the agreement a "great, great opportunity" for the two institutions to collaborate.

"I can't tell you how excited the faculty who know about this [agreement] are about the possibilities Ranger Track presents," she said. Francis also she appreciated UW-Parkside for being "open-minded and ...[seeing] that we have a lot of offer. The opportunities for our students are going to be great."

Dean Ebeid thanked UW-Parkside School of Business and Technology Advisor Trudy Biehn and her counterparts at MATC, including Interim Associate Provost Barbara Cannell and Associate Dean of Business and Information Technology Dr. Mohammad Dakwar, for their work on the agreement. He went on to say that students who register for Ranger Track are afforded maximum flexibility because the courses they complete at MATC will satisfy UW-Parkside's core requirements. That, Ebeid said, puts students in the best position to gain admission to the university's best and most competitive programs and majors.

More information about Ranger Track is available by calling MATC at (414) 297-6836 or UW-Parkside at (262) 595-2243.

Ranger Track is one of numerous transfer agreements MATC has with four-year institutions in Wisconsin and across the nation. For more information about these agreements, visit http://matc.edu/student/currentstudent/credittransfer/xfrinst.html