Thursday – December 12, 2019

Manufacturing Welding Lab

 Manufacturing Welding Lab


  • Students, apprentice candidates and incumbent workers enrolled in MATC certificate welding programs
  • A continuing-education resource for incumbent welders, certificate training in flux core arc welding and shielded metal arc welding processes
  • A continuing-education resource for welding manufacturers, offering training upgrades and AWS D1.1 certification


Compared to five years ago, the newest welding machines are four times more energy-efficient. Maintenance costs are lower and reliability much improved, yielding extraordinary productivity gains.

To take full advantage of this, the Manufacturing Welding Lab teaches high-skill techniques, including heavy-plate welding, for the mining equipment industry, utility companies and other industries.

Processes practiced in the Manufacturing Welding Lab integrate seamlessly with the Advanced Manufacturing Lab, teaching and demonstrating new, lean production efficiencies.


Thanks to the generous support of our private-industry partners, the Manufacturing Welding Lab features the latest, most versatile welding technology, capable of handling all prevalent processes and techniques. All 12 stations have weld booth and movable fixtures for position welding.

Instructional Specialties

  • FCAW Process
  • GMAW Process
  • SMAW Process

Technology Partners

  • Lincoln Electric
  • Harris