Friday – November 16, 2018

Winterim 2018 header image

Winter break is a great time to make progress toward your degree.

MATC Winterim 2018 Courses Run Tuesday, Dec. 26 – Tuesday, Jan. 16

These classes are recommended for experienced online learners.
Be sure to check with your college/university or program advisor to see if a Winterim course could fit your program of study.


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MATC Winterim Course Offerings for course descriptions and number of credits.

ART-201 Understanding Art*
CAREER-799 Path to College Success (West Allis Campus)
CHILDD-148 ECE: Foundations of Early Childhood Education*
CHILDD-151 ECE: Infant & Toddler Development*
CHILDD-167 ECE: Health, Safety & Nutrition*
CHILDD-179 ECE: Child Development *
DIESEL-400 CNG for Heavy-Duty Applications (Oak Creek Campus)
DIESEL-401 CNG Fuel Systems Inspector (Oak Creek Campus)
ECON-201 Principles of Microeconomics *
ENG-207 Creative Writing *
ENG-215 Contemporary Literature *
ENG-222 Images of Women in Literature *
ENG-240 Introduction to Modern Cinema *
HIST-211 America Through 1877 *
HIST-212 America Since 1877 *
HIST-218 Native American History & Culture *
HIST-228 World History to 1500 *
INTP-145 The Interpreting Process (Downtown Milwaukee Campus)
MATH-107 College Mathematics *
NATSCI-172 Basic Nutritional Science *
NATSCI-220 Introduction to Nutritional Science *
NATSCI-280 Applied Nutrition *
PHYED-210 Active Approach to Wellness & Fitness *
SOCSCI-197 Contemporary American Society *
SOCSCI-203 Introduction to Sociology *
SOCSCI-217 Valuing Diversity *
SOCSCI-224 Peoples & Cultures of the World *
SPEECH-206 Intercultural Communication *
SPEECH-212 Introduction to Theater *

* indicates online course