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MATC to Transition to Google Apps for Education March 1, 2013 

On March 1, 2013, MATC will transition to Google Apps for Education. As a result, the current GroupWise email and calendar will be replaced with Gmail and Google Calendar. The transition will provide a number of new tools, such as Google Docs and Google Drive, to help improve collaboration efforts throughout the college.

Introductory workshops will be held during the month of February. Training will begin in March when employees have access to their new Google accounts.

We encourage you to explore some of the resources that have been identified:
Additional resources that will help with the transition to Google Apps are being developed and will be shared as we approach the transition date.

If you have a question, please send an email to

Several commonly asked questions about the transition are:

Will my email address be the same?
Yes. The transition to Gmail will not result in a change in email addresses.

Will I still have access to my GroupWise email and calendar?
After the launch of Google Apps, you will have access to archived GroupWise email and calendar.

Do I need to set up a Google account now?
No. If you do not currently have a Gmail account you do not need to create one. Your current MATC email address will be activated in Gmail once you are migrated.

How do I access the GroupWise archive after the Gmail accounts go live?