Friday – June 23, 2017

Campus Meal Plan

Campus Meal Plan logo Campus Meal Plan for MATC Students
New, Convenient and Affordable Way to Enjoy Meals on Campus

What is the Campus Meal Plan?
The Campus Meal Plan includes twenty-five (25) meals per block. The meal plan provides (at minimum) an entrée, side and beverage.

What is the cost of the meal plan?
The cost of the meal plan is $150 for 25 meals. The estimated value is $175.

What is the minimum amount of meals I need to purchase?
You need to purchase meals in blocks of twenty-five (25) meals.

What if I want to purchase more than 25 meals for the semester?
You can purchase up to three (3) 25-meal blocks per semester.

When can I begin to use the Campus Meal Plan?
It will take up to two business days to activate your meal plan. If you purchase it at least two business days prior to the start of school, you can begin using the meal plan on the first day of classes.

How do I purchase a Campus Meal Plan?

You have two options:

Option 1: If you want to use financial aid money: After you have received your award of financial aid, typically August 15 and January 2, go to any campus Bookstore cashier to request a Campus Meal Plan purchase. The Bookstore staff will provide the paperwork that needs to be completed and will notify you if you have sufficient funds to purchase the Campus Meal Plan.

Option 2: If you want to pay with cash or credit card: Go to any campus Cashier office, request to purchase a block of meals, complete the necessary paperwork and pay for your block of meals


How do I track my meals?
You may check your meal balance at any Stormer Pass station on campus. The number of remaining meals will also be printed on your Café receipt.

How much money is saved by purchasing the meal blocks?
One CMP meal costs about $6. If the same meal is purchased without the meal plan, it could cost more than $7. Students could save approximately 20% on the meals’ retail costs by purchasing two blocks of meals.


Campus Meal Plan: Redeeming Your Meals

Where can I redeem my meals?
You can redeem your meals at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus Café, and at Stormer cafés at the Mequon, Oak Creek and West Allis campuses.

The meal plan is not available at the 6th Street Café, 6th Street Bakery, Cuisine or the International Food area on the Downtown Milwaukee Campus.

How many meals can I purchase?
You can redeem as many meals per day as you wish until your total number of meals is depleted.

Do my meals ever expire?
All unused meals expire on the last day of each semester. Campus Meal Plan logo (small)

How do I identify what is included in the meal plan?
Look for the Campus Meal Plan logo (shown here) to identify items that are available for purchase through the meal plan. No substitutions will be granted.

How will the meals be deducted from my Campus Meal Plan?
Present your Stormer Pass to the cashier prior to purchasing your meal. The cashier will enter your menu selection. Should you purchase additional food items or items not included in the meal plan at the same time you are redeeming your meal, you may pay for them with cash, credit card or Campus Cash.

What is included in the meal plan?
Typically the meal plan will include an entrée, side and beverage.

Example: hamburger, french fries, and a small soda or small milk

What is the refund policy?
Meals cannot be redeemed for cash in whole or in part, sold separately or transferred. Refunds will be allowed in 25-meal blocks only; partial blocks will not be refunded. Go to any Student Life office to begin the refund process.

What are my options if I used all my financial aid and I cannot afford to purchase a meal plan?
If you are interested in part-time employment and your financial aid offer includes a Federal Work-Study (FWS) award, you can apply for work-study opportunities through MATC’s JOBshop (414-297- 6244, If your financial aid award does not include FWS and you are interested in the program, contact MATC’s Financial Aid Office (414-297- 6282,

The college has food pantries for students on each campus. For more information, contact the Office of Student Life, 414-297- 6229.