Tuesday – May 22, 2018

OWL Writing Tips - The Eleven Sentence Paragraph Handout

 Four Steps for Effective Writing

  • Make a point.
  • Support the point with specific evidence.
  • Organize and connect the specific evidence.
  • Write clear, error-free sentences.

Four Bases for Evaluating Writing

  • Unity
  • Support
  • Organization
  • Sentence Structure

Sample Paragraph: Fun in the Sun

     (1)Our first vacation this summer was just as I had dreamed it would be. (2)Our first stop was at Opryland. (3)The children enjoyed the rides, and spent the biggest part of the day waiting in line and riding one after the other. (4)My wife and I were more interested in seeing the shows and eating. (5)Then, we traveled to the beach. (6)We all relaxed in the sun and enjoyed the carefree life. (7)We built a huge sandcastle and swam in the ocean. (8)Next, we spent several days at Disneyworld. (9)Everyone was amazed at the sights and the splendid colors. (10)The fireworks in the evening were beautiful. (11)As we traveled home, everyone agreed that it was indeed the best vacation we had ever had.

Eleven Sentence Paragraph

(1) Topic Sentence:___________________________________________________

(2) Supporting Sentence:_______________________________________________

(3) Information Sentence: ______________________________________________

(4) Information Sentence: ______________________________________________

(5) Supporting Sentence:_______________________________________________

(6) Information Sentence: ______________________________________________

(7) Information Sentence: ______________________________________________

(8) Supporting Sentence:_______________________________________________

(9) Information Sentence: ______________________________________________

(10) Information Sentence: _____________________________________________

(11) Concluding Sentence:______________________________________________


___ Is the topic sentence broad enough to include all of the supporting sentences?

___ Do the supporting sentences relate directly to the topic sentence?

___ Do the information sentences provide clear details about the supporting    

___ Does the concluding sentence sum up the paragraph?

___ If the paragraph is part of a larger essay, does it relate to the thesis