Friday – August 17, 2018

Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant

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What is the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant?

The Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant was created in recognition that internships are good for all involved.  Students gain relevant workplace skills and are more likely to earn degrees and use their internship experience to help secure good jobs after graduation.

Not all internships are paid, and students with unmet financial need often can't afford to work without a paycheck — leaving too many students unable to take advantage of on-the-job experiences and networking opportunities that can put their career goals within reach.

"The equity issue is particularly poignant for students attending two-year colleges, many who are juggling school along with the demands of jobs and families. For such students, unpaid internships are simply out of the question," said Richard D. George, president and chief executive officer of Great Lakes.

The grant will help more MATC students with financial need gain relevant internship experience.

As a participant in the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant, your organization would be able to convert an existing, unpaid internship into a paid internship and/or to create a new, paid internship for an MATC student with financial need. 

This may help your organization gain visibility among MATC students and faculty, as well as add interns to your organization in an area that previously had no such opportunities. 

The grant will pay $12.00 an hour for a maximum of 180 hours total over the course of a semester.

Post an Internship

Below is a link to our standard internship form. The last question on the form relates to the internship grant.

  • The creation of new internship opportunities at businesses and community agencies is a major focus of this grant program.
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