Tuesday – March 28, 2017

Financial Aid - Forms

Click on the form that you need. Print the form, then complete, sign and date the form. Make sure the student's name and MATC Student ID number or Social Security Number is on each page of each form. If you are required to also provide support documentation, make sure you submit copies. Return the completed, signed, and dated form, along with the support documentation (if required) to:

Department of Student Financial and Employment Service
Financial Aid Office
700 West State Street, Room S101
Milwaukee, WI 53233-1443

General Forms

150% Rule Appeal Form

Academic/Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Form

Counselor Appeal Response

Consortium Agreement

Federal Financial Aid Application (fafsa.gov)

Selective Service Status letter instructions

How to Use the IRS DATA Retrieval Tool

How to Request a Tax Transcript

Unusual Tax Filing Situations

Appeal for Review of Financial Circumstances 2016-2017 (Dependent Student)

Appeal for Review of Financial Circumstances 2016-2017 (Independent Student)

Dependent Additional Loan Request 

Independent Additional Loan Request

Bachelor Master Degree LTR


2016-2017 MATC Financial Aid Office Forms

Dependent Verification Worksheets


Independent Verification Worksheets


Unusual Enrollment History Form 2016-2017

Summer 2017 Financial Aid Form

Minority Retention Grant Application 2017-2018


Veterans Forms

Wisconsin GI Bill Remission Request - Spring 2017

Federal Veterans' Educational Benefits Request Form - 2016-2017