Saturday – May 28, 2016

Work/Life Experience Evaluation


"Every day is a learning day" - Rita Wessels

What are you competent at/with?
When did you develop the competency?
Who taught you the competency?
Why did you develop the competency?
How did you develop the competency?
How do/did you apply the competency?

Everyone has learned something from on-the-job training and experience. The same is true with volunteer work. Along the journey of life, everyone acquires new competencies as a requirement for a job or volunteer experience. If those competencies match MATC courses, then credit may be awarded.

Competencies can be proven through a comparison between the competencies of the class versus competencies gained from experience, samples of work, job descriptions, letters from supervisors and colleagues, performance reviews, résumé, on-the-job training, continuing education and seminars.

A performance exam may be required to qualify for credit for some of the certifications and licenses.

One-half of the tuition for each course is the fee for reviewing and awarding credit for experience.

All experience must me reviewed and approved by a Dean to be awarded credit.

If you believe that you have experience relevant to a class, complete a CPLE Request form and meet with an advisor for review.

How to earn credit for work or life experience:

  1. Review the required courses for an AAS Degree or Technical Diploma.
  2. Identify the MATC courses for which credit may be earned from work or life experience by reviewing the Course Description, Course Calendars, Syllabus, Course Competencies and Learning Objectives of MATC courses.
  3. Develop a written narrative, with supporting documentation, justifying why the experience should be awarded to a specific MATC course using the CPLE Request Form.
  4. Submit the CPLE Request Form to an advisor.

Want more information on MATC's Credit for Prior Learning and Experience program? Complete the form here.