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Tutoring Services


Our purpose is to help you succeed academically through specialized help. 

Please browse through our website pages to find the best way that we can help you.

Types of Services for MATC College Students:

Assigned Tutoring - Want a regular appointment, same time each week? Assigned Tutoring is for you! Tutoring is usually in a small group or in a session that may grow into a group.

Open Group Tutoring (also called, "Supplemental Instruction" or "SI") - Believe it or not: most people learn best in small groups! Group Tutoring has sessions that meet several times each week.  Attendance is optional. Click here for schedules.

Walk-In Tutoring - Don't know your schedule? Walk-In Tutoring is for the student who occasionally wants to "drop in." Times and subject areas vary through the week.
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Welcome to Tutoring Services!

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Distance Tutoring - Can't get to campus for tutoring? Try one of these services via computer or phone.

Special Services - Other unique ways to get help and grow academically!

Locations  and Hours for Tutoring Help:

Group Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction: For Subjects, Hours, and Locations, click here.
Downtown Milwaukee Campus:  Tutoring Services, Room C201, 414-297-6791 - For Hours of Operation, click here.
Mequon Campus:  Academic Support Center, Room A282, 262-238-2220 - Visit the Academic Support Centers page for hours.
Oak Creek Campus:  Academic Support Center, Room A208, 414-571-4647 - Visit the Academic Support Centers page for hours.
West Allis Campus:  Academic Support Center, Room 249, 414-456-5334 - Visit the Academic Support Centers page for hours.

Comparison of Different Types of Tutoring

Students have different needs for tutoring according to their schedule and learning style. Use this chart to find the Types of Tutoring that fit your personal needs:

Type of Tutoring

Attendance Required

Attendance Optional

Must Arrive at Start Time

No Official Start Time

Assigned Tutoring





Open Group Tutoring
(aka, Supplemental Instruction=SI)





Walk-In Tutoring






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