Saturday – June 25, 2016

Work-Study Information

What is Federal Work-Study?

  • A Federal Work-Study (FWS) award on your Financial Aid Offer letter is an offer to get a part-time job through the Work-Study program. An average award of $1728 would allow a student to work 14 hours per week at a rate of $7.50 for the semester.
  • Work-Study is different from other types of financial aid because you do not receive Work-Study monies until you locate a job and begin working.
  • An ideal work-study position would be using the skills you are learning in your program at MATC.


Award Notification:

  • You will know whether you have been awarded Federal Work-Study when you receive your financial aid award letter.
  • If your award letter does not include FWS and you are interested in the program, please contact the MATC Financial Aid Office at 414-297-6282 or via email at
  • As long as you are enrolled in a minimum of six credits and qualify, you will be put on a waiting list until funds become available.

TWO Job Options:

ON CAMPUS Employment: Opportunities for employment on campus include positions in counseling areas, bookstore, Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid, math/science area, computer science area, student activities and the gym. Job duties may include peer tutoring, clerical work and data entry.

OFF CAMPUS Employment: You must complete 1 full semester of on campus employment before you are eligible for off campus employment.

Off Campus employment offers more flexibility of hours as students can work at non-profit agencies throughout the city including hospitals, community centers, schools, government offices to name just a few. Contact Jenny McGilligan in the MATC JOBshop to learn more about these opportunities at or 414-297-6302

A very limited number of work-study positions may be available that are paid by the college for students not eligible for the Federal Work-Study program. These positions are listed on the same site as the work-study jobs but will have the word "Budgeted" in the title.

Student Employment Application and Directions (PDF)
Direct Deposit Form (PDF)


For Staff

Student Worker Request Form (PDF)