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Personal Counseling

Personal problems can interfere with your education and employment. Don't suffer alone -- tell your MATC program counselor what's going on with you. And please visit the Counseling Office in Room S209 at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus or a counselor in the Student Services office at the Mequon, Oak Creek or West Allis campus. Hours are Monday through Thursday, 7:45 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Fridays from 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Student Assistance Center
Personal problems can cause academic difficulties. The Student Assistance Center offers support during times of crisis with brief, solution-focused interventions as well as referrals to community resources. Services are available during normal working hours when MATC is in session through each campus's Counseling and Student Services departments. Students are seen on a walk-in basis, or they may contact program counselors at each district campus. The Downtown Milwaukee Campus has a dedicated phone line: 414-297-6675. The Student Assistance Office is located in Room S209.
Note: The center does not provide therapy or long-term counseling.

Substance Abuse (ATODA) Education and Support
Students concerned about their own or another's substance abuse can contact MATC's certified prevention professional, who provides services and resources to help advance a healthier lifestyle. This office specializes in education and referral for alcohol, tobacco, and drug issues. All services are free and confidential for MATC students. The office is located in Room S215 at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus.

Mental Wellness Guide

MentalWellnessGuideWhether you are right out of high school or returning to the classroom after years or decades, college is both exciting and challenging. At Milwaukee Area Technical College, we expect you to show up for classes and do your best to fulfill your academic and occupational goals. We expect you to make sure you’re getting enough rest, exercise and healthy food.

What we don’t expect is for you to do it alone. If you find yourself struggling with the subject matter in a particular class, you have many options. You can talk to your instructor, reach out to a classmate, or go to the Tutoring Center. If you are dealing with other issues – such as stress, depression, abuse, mental illness or are concerned about a classmate, family member or friend – you also have options.

This guide provides information on how to address your own or someone else’s mental health crisis. It also offers a brief description of stress, some coping strategies, a list of college and community resources, and websites with detailed information.

This guide was developed as part of a grant funded by the Charles E. Kubly Foundation.

Mental Wellness Guide - English (pdf) 

Mental Wellness Guide - Spanish (pdf)

Mental Wellness Guide - Hmong (pdf)

Self-Help - Online Resources

Reach Out for Help:  Milwaukee Area Resource Agencies

Mental Health Association of Milwaukee County


IMPACT Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services


Milwaukee County Community Resource Hotline

or toll-free, 1-866-211-3380


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