Sunday – June 17, 2018

For Parents and Counselors

This page is intended to answer the most commonly asked questions about Adult High School from parents, counselors and other educational professionals. 

Assist Your Student with Registration

Continuing students can register via INFOnline, or with the assistance of their MATC advisor. Students may register in person at any one of our four regional campuses. Students under 18 need written permission from their school.  Students wishing to pursue on-line course work can e-mail for more information and directions.

Check a Student's Enrollment and Grades

Check enrollment status and GPA, or receive an unofficial transcript at MATC's INFOnline. Enter the student's seven-digit student ID number, which is printed on top of the schedule they received from registration. 

Technical, Industrial, and High School Contract Classes

The Pre-College Education Division offers a full range of technical and industrial courses for high school students. Course areas include: Automotive, Small Engine, Computer-Aided Drafting and Design, Welding, Culinary Arts and Keyboard, Keypad and Windows. Students often take these courses on a part-time basis after spending part of their day at their regular school. Depending on the program, these courses can lead to advanced standing in an MATC college-level program. 

Enrolling an Underage Student

Students under 18 can attend MATC full-time under special circumstances at the expense of their sponsoring (home) high school district. This includes tuition and often includes books, supplies and transportation. The fees charged by MATC back to the sponsoring district are an hourly amount higher than the fees normally charged Adult High School students. For more information, contact Valencia Weinman at 414-297-8661.

Students under 18 wishing to make-up one or more credits to be applied toward graduation from their home district through on-line course work should e-mail

Home-schooled, Home-bound or Expelled Students

We recognize the uniqueness of each situation. Contact Valencia Brown,, 414-297-8661, to discuss your circumstances.