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Medical Interpreter (2017-2018)

Technical Diploma
School of Health Sciences / Health Sciences Career Cluster

Downtown Milwaukee Campus
Program Code: 31-538-1 


For Information: 414-297-6263
Downtown Milwaukee Campus, 414-297-MATC
Classes are taught at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus Health Education Center (HEC), 1311 North Sixth Street

Overview — You will develop the skills to facilitate communication between patients with limited English proficiency and medical personnel. 

This program will enhance your nonverbal communication, knowledge of regional language variations and cultural nuances required for effective medical interpretation. Program length is two semesters and one summer. 

Personal attributes that will contribute to success as a medical interpreter include: Spanish/English proficiency, effective communication and interpersonal skills, conscientious work habits as related to punctuality and attendance, empathy to work with patients with limited English proficiency, and the ability to perform efficiently and accurately under pressure.


Career Pathway — This program is being developed as a pathway. Contact an MATC advisor for information.

Career Outlook — This program prepares you to provide interpretation services for patients with limited English proficiency and families whose primary language is Spanish. The increasing need for professionals within this growing field is due to our changing demographics, the need to provide quality of care through effective communication, the demands of cost efficiency, patient satisfaction and federal laws requiring language assistive services.

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Program Learning Outcomes — Employers will expect graduates to:

  • Aurally comprehend spoken English and Spanish
  • Construct syntactically correct sentences (both oral and written) in both Spanish and English
  • Correctly utilize medical terminology in both English and Spanish
  • Comprehend written materials in both English and Spanish
  • Render sight translations from either English to Spanish or Spanish to English


Admission Requirements  — This program admits students through a petition selection process. 
Learn more about the petition process

All credits in this technical diploma must be earned at MATC with a 2.0 GPA or higher. 

Possible Careers
Medical Interpreter
Medical Translator

Related Programs
Medical Assistant
Health Unit Coordinator
Nursing Assistant

Start Date: August

Curriculum effective 2017-18. 

Current MATC students should consult their Academic Program Plan for specific curriculum requirements.
( ) = Semester Order for Full-Time Students.






(1)  MEDINT-107

Bilingual Medical Terminology





(1)  MEDINT-103

Introduction to Medical Interpretation ‡





(1)  MEDINT-104

Applied Medical Interpretation 1





(1)  MEDINT-102

Spanish Regionalisms and English Variants



(1)  MEDINT-112

Dual Language Enhancement for Healthcare Providers ‡





(2)  MEDINT-108

Ethics and Standards for Medical Interpreters





(2)  MEDINT-106

Introduction to Medical Translation



(2)  MEDINT-110

Applied Medical Interpretation 2



(2)  MEDINT-101

Cultural Awareness


(2)  MEDINT-111 Applied Medical Interpretation 3 ‡ 3
(2)  PSYCH-199 Psychology of Human Relations 3
  (or) Any 200-series PSYCH course  





‡ Prerequisite required.

All credits in this technical diploma must be earned at MATC with a 2.0 GPA or better.

Program curriculum requirements are subject to change.

For class times and locations or to register online, visit INFOnline.

Current MATC students should consult their Academic Program Plan for specific curriculum requirements.


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