MATC Open House

2020 Virtual Open House


This round of Open House sessions is over but check back for more events in the near future. 

You can also learn more about some of the featured programs from the most recent Virtual  Open House below.



Business and Management Accounting

Talaya Scott

The Accounting degree program provides students with basic and specialized accounting skills - auditing, cost, taxes, governmental nonprofit, and computerized bookkeeping. Employment opportunities are excellent; graduates should expect to find positions in banking, business and industry, financial companies, utilities, and governmental nonprofit organizations. A certificate or technical diploma is also available throught the Accounting department.
Business and Management Business Management Pathway

Armen Hadjinian
Lead Faculty

Helping students start businesses for nearly 10 years.
Community and Human Services Barber and Cosmetology

Julie Stubenrauch
Cosmetology Instructor

Use your creative talents to work in the Barber Cosmetology field! In compliance with the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services, students in our programs are introduced to the basic skills of the industry to develop cutting-edge techniques that will allow them to flourish in their careers as Barbers, Cosmetologists, Aestheticians, or Nail Technicians. Apprenticeship paths are also available. Graduates are eligible to take their State Board Licensing Examination upon completion.
Community and Human Services Early Childhood Education

Luis Godinez
Educational Assistant

Pursue a career in child care or exceptional education settings for young children and have a positive impact on a child's life. Program requirements include the completion of four practicum experiences. All courses are offered in English; a bilingual mode (Spanish) is offered. 
Community and Human Services Environmental Health and Water Quality Technology


Kathy Bates

Graduates of the program obtain careers in environmental and public health, i.e., water quality, food safety and air quality. These careers include sampling and analysis of water, wastewater, air and food to ensure environmental health, and compliance that helps to maintain environmental health and safety.  
Community and Human Services Funeral Service Program

Funeral Service Facebook Page

Funeral Service Program Card

Funeral Service Course Checklist

Gabriel Schauf
Program Coordinator 

This program prepares you for a career as a licensed funeral director and embalmer in a profession that demands compassion, dedication and creativity. Our rigorous curriculum trains students to become among the best funeral directors in the expanding death-care profession. Once accepted into the program, students are immersed in all facets of the funeral profession.
Community and Human Services Paralegal

Michael Sujecki
Program Coordinator & Instructor

Paralegals work with and assist attorneys in the practice of law.
General Education

Adult High School

Kevin Mulvena
Instructor & Instructional Chair

A regular high school - within a technical college! Apply the credits you've earned elsewhere and get started today!
General Education

Chemical Technician

American Chemical Society

Scott A. Schlipp
Department Chair

The Chemical Technician program (ChemT) is a two-year transfer program that teaches the pathways to Industrial/Academia chemistry through practical application of lab and process studies. Students have the choice of entering laboratory analysis or chemical processing. A one-year embedded chemical processing diploma is also an option.
General Education

History - Associate of Arts

Why History Matters (video)

Why is History Important? (video)

Black History is American History (video)

Dr. Zacharia Nchinda
Department Chair

The History department at MATC offers a cross-section of 200-level courses that are transferable to all the four-year institutions in the state. We offer survey level, cultural diversity, and state history courses. The History department also may plan a future Winterim Study Abroad program, providing an opportunity for travel to Ghana to study its political, economic, and sociocultural history.  
General Education Physical Education -
Associate of Arts

Judy Springer
Lead Instructor

Physical Education provides an excellent avenue to (1) be physically active, (2) learn or renew healthy lifestyle behaviors, (3) be trained in American Heart Association CPR / AED or First Aid, (4) earn college credit while working out and (5) round out your schedule to meet financial aid credit requirements.
General Education Adult Basic Education

Giovanna Doll
ABE Coodinator

The Adult Basic Education unit under the General Education Pathway, offers integrated education and training (IET) to GED participants to concurrently enroll and earn post-secondary credits in a Career Pathway program. IET programs include Career Pathways in healthcare, manufacturing, IT, financial, office technology, auto, carpentry, and others.
Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation Landscape Horticulture

Cassie Brayton
Lead Faculty

For opportunities that require outdoor work, creativity and plant knowledge, check out horticulture/landscape careers. This program includes coursework in landscape maintenance and arboriculture, and emphasizes hands-on learning.
Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation

Automated Building Systems

Automated Building Systems (video)

Best Center


MATC Now from April 2018


Ted Wilinski
Lead Instructor

This program prepares you for a career working to keep people comfortable. It is like installing a thermostat in your home and every home in your neighborhood, and connecting them all together and programming them from a central computer. However, this career is for working with commercial buildings, not homes, and it involves programming with computers, hands-on installation of controllers and sensors, and low-voltage electrical work. Pay starts at $45,000/year and can quickly get to over $100,000 a year with overtime.  
Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation Transportation

Matt Kruegel
Instructional Chair

Steve Herro
Associate Dean, Hurvis Grant

At MATC we offer Transportation Maintenance programs in Automotive, Auto Body, Diesel, Aviation, and also Truck Driver CDL program.
Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation Truck Driving

Trucking Moves America Forward


The Delivery - Trucking (video)

Truck Driving Info Packet (pdf)

Dan Zdrojewski

As a graduate of this eight-week Truck Driving program, you will enter an industry in need of qualified workers. Developing skills related to safety, maintenance and the operation of trucks prepares you for entry-level positions as a local or over-the-road driver. Students have the opportunity to attain Class A CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) as a result of their training.
Creative Arts, Design, and Media Culinary Arts & Baking & Pastry Arts

MATC Culinary & Pastry Program Orientation 2021 (video)

John Reiss
Department Chair

Discover your artistic expression through practical aspects of the Culinary and Baking Arts. This program will help you gain the skills you need to begin your career.
Creative Arts, Design, and Media Photography

Darin Dubinsky

Use professional equipment and methods to master the skills necessary for this highly visual, creative and exicting profession. MATC’s laboratory/studio areas have state-of-the-art traditional and digital cameras, lighting, processing and finishing equipment.

Nutrition & Dietetic Technician

Dietary Manager 

Nutrition Program Tips - Be Your Best Self

Heidi Katte
Program Chair, Lead Faculty

Learn how the science of managing food and nutrition helps promote good health. Dietetic technicians typically work as a member of the food service or healthcare team.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician Career
(Slides Presentation)

Jennifer Lucas

Pharmacy Technician is a two-semester technical diploma program. Students gain the skills and knowledge needed to be a pharmacy technician in a variety of practice settings. Graduates are prepared to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s Certified Pharmacy Technician exam.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Holly Pitz
Instructor and Clinical Coordinator

Work with physical therapy patients in a hospital, rehabilitation center, school, clinic or other healthcare setting. Under the supervision of a physical therapist, duties include implementing treatment programs, teaching patients to perform exercises and daily living activities, and reporting the patient’s progress.

Registered Nursing - Associate Degree

I am a Nurse

Nurses Change Lives

Nursing Presentation

Allison Nicol

Prepare for a registered nursing career at MATC. Theory and lab courses on campus set the foundation for your clinical practice. Simulation and guided practice in clinical settings further prepare you for practice as a Registered Nurse (RN). Graduates are eligible to take the RN licensure exam (NCLEX-RN). Employers will expect graduates to have a plan for completing their Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Some BSN courses may be taken concurrently with the associate degree courses.

Surgical Technology

Surgical Technologists: What they do (video)

MATC Surgical Tech Program (video)

Mary Kunicki

This program provides training in a hands-on career working directly in surgical procedures. You will become a vital part of the surgical team; assisting in repairing, removing or replacing the various parts of human anatomy, live. Surgical technologists are also the keepers of the sterile field. In this career, there is a great sense of pride to be part of saving or changing a life.
STEM Quality Engineering Technology

Alan Goodman
Department Chair

The Quality Engineering Technology program emphasizes tools, techniques and quality methods that reduce waste and improve business processes. The curriculum, activities and projects mainly focus on the popular and coveted leadership skills of Lean Six Sigma which are practiced in a range of industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, electronics and food processing worldwide.
STEM IT Computer Support Specialist

IT Information Systems Security Specialist 

IT Mobile Applications Developer

IT Network Specialist

IT Web and Software Developer

Jeff Westphal

The IT programs at MATC prepare students for a successful career in one the fastest growing sectors in our country. Students in our programs learn to manage, maintain, configure, support and secure computers and network environments. Students will work with cloud, virtualization, scripting, client, server technologies

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