Friday – November 17, 2017



World War II Years

  • US_Army_training_photo_MATC_1940s

    This U.S. Army photo was taken at MATC and used for training purposes. It demonstrates the proper use of a mess kit.

  • Collecting_nylon_stocking_for_war_effort_1940s

    Nylon stockings were collected at MATC for the war effort, later to be used to make parachutes.

  • Girls_Band_1940s_Edit

    Band class, 1940s. MATC had both a male band and a female band that played at war bond events in Cooley Auditorium.

  • Female_welder_in_defense_plant_1940sd

    WWII-era defense jobs were numerous for women and men alike. The school was open around the clock to keep up with the demand.

  • Civilian_first_aid_class_1940s

    Red Cross nurses often came to MATC to instruct students in civilian preparedness. These students are learning to take pulses and temperatures.

  • WWII_Morse_code_class

    Morse Code was an important class for students who intended to join the military.

  • War_production_plant_1940s

    A student trains in a war production factory, early 1940s.

  • Sewing_insignia_on_uniforms_1940s

    Civilian preparedness training involved sewing insignia on uniforms for the state guard.

  • vocational_national_defence

    A 1942 campaign for the Vocational National Defense modeled proper work attire for returning veterans. These photos were taken in front of the main building.

  • Milwaukee_Vocational_School_1940s

    The need for war production worker training brought many to Milwaukee Vocational School (MVS) in the 1940s. The school was open 24 hours a day.