Sunday – November 17, 2019

Career Planning Services

If you are undecided about a career, MATC's Career Planning Center can help you make an informed decision. The Career Planning Center features a number of resources including:

  • Career Planning Workshop
    The Career Planning Workshop, Exploring College Majors at MATC, is a three-hour seminar. The cost of this workshop is $5. If you plan to attend MATC, we'll help you choose which of MATC's many degree and diploma programs are best suited to your abilities. The workshop looks at labor market trends, in-demand career areas, how to enter those careers and average salaries. You will:
    • Complete a career interest inventory
    • Learn about your career personality type
    • Match career areas to your interests and personality
  • Career Directions
    Career Directions is a two-day seminar for those who are ready for a career change or who want to explore their career change possibilities. This seminar can help you discover which careers may best fit you. The cost is $30.39 and space is limited. During the two-day seminar:
    • Your interests and personality are assessed, and you will receive a summary that will help point you in the right direction.
    • Professional counselors will cover:
      • In-demand career areas
      • Labor market trends
      • Average salary ranges per career field
      • Career decision-making strategies
      • How to put together your action plan 
  • Individual Career Planning Resources

For registration and schedule information about the Career Seminars, click the links for Exploring College Majors at MATC and Career Directions, above.

Career Planning Center
Downtown Milwaukee Campus
700 West State Street
Room S209