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Preparatory Plumbing (2017-2018)

Technical Diploma
School of Technology and Applied Sciences / Architecture & Construction Career Cluster

MATC Education Center at Walker's Square, 816 West National Avenue, Milwaukee
Program Code: 31-427-1


For Information: 414-297-6315

Overview — This two-semester program focuses on preparing you for a plumbing apprenticeship.

The program offers basic knowledge and skills similar to parts of the first year of an apprentice’s training. As a Preparatory Plumbing program graduate applying for an apprenticeship, you will be able to demonstrate your commitment to the plumbing trade. You will also be able to offer entry-level skills if selected for a plumbing apprenticeship.

This program is also appropriate for individuals interested in a career in other piping trades such as sprinkler fitting, steamfitting or industrial pipefitting.

Aptitudes and skills important in the program are: good mechanical comprehension, spatial visualization, reading and math skills, physical strength, and the ability to work with others.

After successful completion of this program, you should apply for an apprenticeship with the Milwaukee Area Plumbing Joint Apprenticeship committee. Candidates for apprenticeship are selected by the committee, and graduates of this program are given good consideration for placement in an apprenticeship, but placement is not guaranteed.

Career Pathway — This program features exploratory courses that count toward a credential. Work continues to develop the program into a fully embedded Career Pathway.

Career Outlook — State law requires that only properly licensed plumbers be permitted to install and repair plumbing systems in dwellings, structures and businesses. these services are in demand. Contractors need plumbers for new construction, and to repair and remodel existing buildings. Licensed plumbers are thorough and skilled mechanics versed in the theory and practice of installing hot and cold water supplies, drainage, venting and plumbing appliances in accordance with the state plumbing code and local ordinances.


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Program Learning Outcomes — Employers expect graduates to:

  • Identify various piping materials and fittings
  • Effectively utilize hand tools and power tools related to the trade
  • Follow directions related to the trade
  • Calculate various piping offset dimensions
  • Sketch and read simple plumbing systems drawings


Preparation for Admission — The following are required for admission to the program:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Demonstration of proficiency in basic skills through a course placement assessment
  • Shop practice and drafting learned either in school or in an employment setting
  • Ability to drive and possession of a valid driver’s license


Possible Careers
Licensed Plumber
Plumbing Apprentice


Related Program
Plumbing Apprenticeship


Start Date: August

Curriculum effective 2017-18. 

Current MATC students should consult their Academic Program Plan for specific curriculum requirements. 
( ) = Semester Order for Full-Time Students.




(1)  PLUMB-312

Computer Application/Plumbing



(1)  PLUMB-300

Plumbing Theory 1



(1)  PLUMB-301

Applied Drawing for Plumbers 1



(1)  PLUMB-302

Plumbing and Piping Shop 1



(1)  PLUMB-308

Plumbing and Pipe Joining Process 1



(1)  MATH-308

Math for Industrial Applications 1 ‡



(2)  PLUMB-310 First Aid/Safety in Plumbing 



(2)  ENG-340

Workplace Communications



(2)  MCDESG-120

Basic AutoCAD ‡



(2)  PLUMB-304

Plumbing Theory 2 ‡



(2)  PLUMB-305

Plumbing and Pipe Joining Process 2 ‡



(2)  PLUMB-306

Plumbing and Piping Shop 2 ‡



(2)  PLUMB-309

Applied Drawing for Plumbers 2 ‡





‡ Prerequisite required.

Program curriculum requirements are subject to change.

For class times and locations or to register online, visit INFOnline.

Current MATC students should consult their Academic Program Plan for specific curriculum requirements.

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