Thursday – December 12, 2019


Your Entrance Ramp to Wisconsin's
Leading Public University

Badger_TrackYour path toward a bachelor's degree from UW-Madison just got much easier to navigate. Now you can complete your first two years with us, and transfer to the UW where you'll earn your four-year degree. Liberal Arts and Sciences degree students who achieve a 3.0 grade-point average and complete 54 MATC credits are guaranteed admission to the university. Students who earn a 2.6 - 2.9 GPA will receive special consideration for UW-Madison admission. Make tracks toward this affordable option now, and you'll go farther than you ever thought possible.

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  • Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Educational Foundations teacher education program
  • Individualized Technical Studies

For more information, please see the Credit Transfer area at, visit the UW System Transfer Information site at, or call 414-297-6836.

Minimum Requirements for UW-Madison Admission
Important: Meet with an MATC program advisor before choosing your classes.

  • One year of high school-level algebra
  • One year of high school-level geometry
  • College preparatory math (one year high school or one college-level course)
  • Single foreign language (two high school years or two college semesters minimum. You are strongly encouraged to have three years of foreign language prior to transferring.)
  • Selected MATC Liberal Arts Transfer Program courses meeting UW-Madison requirements

Total Credits Needed to Transfer: 54

Download Info Sheet and Form

Guaranteed Transfer Contract - Transfer Contract Curricular Requirements (PDF)
Guaranteed Transfer Contract - Transfer Contract Form (PDF)