MATC Promise Results


MATC Promise for High School

Highlights from the third year include:

  • 514 MATC Promise for New High School Graduates students since Fall 2016.
  • 65% of students have either completed their studies at MATC or transferred to four-year colleges.
  • Promise students have a persistence rate of 89%, 13 points higher than MATC’s overall population.
  • New partnership with Lakeland University provides a tuition-free path to a bachelor’s degree for economically disadvantaged students. Lakeland has a scholarship fund specifically for MATC Promise transfer students.

MATC Promise for Adults

Highlights for the first year include:

  • 3,330 potential students responded to Promise for Adults last academic year. 1,000 enrolled at MATC including 689 who met all program qualifications.
  • Adult Promise students persisted at a rate of 78% from Fall to Spring.
  • To remove additional barriers, MATC provided support for students to devise a path to loan recovery for those in default, and scholarships for degree completion for those who
    maximized their full Pell Grant eligibility.

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