Thursday – December 12, 2019

Energy Solutions Lab

 Energy Solutions Lab


  • Energy conservation
  • Energy maximization
  • Smart-energy technologies
  • Lean manufacturing energy strategies
  • Quality improvement energy strategies


Everything's changed. Lean, clean and green make cold, hard business sense. Sustainability isn't just a trendy buzzword. It is here to stay.

To spread this paradigm and help companies gain maximum leverage, MATC created the Energy Solutions Lab. Its mission: teach the business and science of energy in the context of productivity.

Learners range from high school age to advanced MATC program students and incumbent workers. The Energy Solutions Lab also works directly with executives eager to catch the green wave.


Thanks to the generous support of our private and public partners, the Energy Solutions Lab features the latest technologies for teaching and learning in a wide range of sustainability topics.

Instructional Specialties

  • Energy conservation
  • Renewable resources
  • Wind turbines
  • Photovoltaics
  • Fuel cells
  • Geothermic power
  • Biomass
  • Green building design
  • LEED building certification
  • Beta site verification

Technology Partner

  • We Energies

Educational Partners

  • Lakeshore Technical College, Cleveland, Wisconsin
  • Lansing Community College, Lansing, Michigan
  • Madison Area Technical College, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Consortium for Education in Renewable Energy Technology
    • The Midwest Renewable Energy Association, Custer, Wisconsin
    • Nicolet Area Technical College, Rhinelander, Wisconsin
    • Oakland Community College, Oakland, Michigan