Saturday – December 07, 2019

MATC's Workforce Solutions

We are pleased to announce that the Office of Workforce and Economic Development (OWED) has officially changed its name to MATC's Workforce Solutions.

MATC Workforce Solutions logo

MATC's Workforce Solutions provides comprehensive services to meet workforce needs that include:

  • Contract Training
  • Customized Instruction
  • Professional Development Workshops/Seminars
  • Dual Credit High School Courses
  • Small Business/Entrepreneurship Services
  • Fabrication Laboratories (FAB Labs).
  • Internships



MATC's Workforce Solutions offers exceptional training and instruction through Technical Assistance Services, Customized Training, Workshops and Seminars to advance the skill set of the regional workforce.



MATC's Workforce Solutions is committed to and focused on the economic development of the region and achieving a diverse and well trained workforce.


Contact Us

Contact MATC Workforce Solutions to learn more about flexible, cost effective programs that are customized for your organization:

MATC Workforce Solutions
(414) 302-2600


Lisa Reid
Director of Workforce Solutions
Michael Kuehnl
Account Manager
Trisha Stehr
Account Manager