Wednesday – January 16, 2019

H2Options: About STEM Forward

STEM Forward logoSTEM Forward is a leading provider of STEM education, outreach and awareness activities serving southeastern Wisconsin.Founded as   Engineers &Scientists of Milwaukee in 1905, the organization is a 501C3 non-profit primarily serving K-12 students.

STEM Forward:

  • Engages young people to advance their STEM competencies and increase their opportunities for STEM learning
  • Leads a collaborative approach to STEM talent development
  • Serves as connector and information resource for Wisconsin STEM programs, issues and events

STEM Forward Activities

  • Direct management of STEM programs, initiatives and events
  • Support and promotion of affiliated STEM programs and events


STEM Forward connects resources and needs through the creation unique business and education partnerships. Employers are encouraged to help build the STEM talent pipeline through advocacy, funding, in-kind services, and volunteerism.

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