Tuesday – January 15, 2019

H2Options: About Gateway Technical College

Gateway Technical College logoGateway Technical College continues to grow in its commitment to sustainable programming and environmentally conscious campus experience.
In 2014 Gateway received the Climate Leadership Award from Second Nature followed in 2015 with the Sustainable Education and Economic Develop Award from The American Association of Community Colleges. Throughout Gateway sustainable practices are evident from the use of solar tracking stations, micro wind turbines, electric vehicle charging stations, water retention ponds, rain gardens and urban farming plots. The focus of campus life, career pathways and community engagement have changed the educational climate throughout the college. Gateway Center for Sustainable living provides a real world example for youth and adults to learn about sustainable practices and begin to change a community by developing a broader awareness of individual and community responsibility.

Gateway's expanded sustainable career degrees areas include:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Horticulture and soil management
  • Urban Farming Certificate
  • Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Building Automation
  • Waste Water Apprenticeship
  • Fresh Water Resources

Gateway graduates are ready to meet the challenges of a changing global environment. For more information,
visit www.gtc.edu or contact us by phone at 262.564.2200