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CNC Swiss Turning Diploma

Machine Tool Operations:
CNC Swiss Turning Setup and Operation


Downtown Milwaukee Campus


This is a two-semester program covering the setup and operation of CNC Swiss turning center, single-spindle and multiple-spindle automatic screw machines. These machines perform manufacturing processes such as turning, drilling, threading and contouring. Core skills include a high mechanical aptitude, manual dexterity and mathematical skills. Credit may be given for work experience. Students will need a tablet or mobile device to complete course requirements.

Career Outlook: CNC Swiss turning center setup and operation skills are in demand as manufacturers expand production.

Career Pathway: After earning this technical diploma, your credits can be applied toward completing the CNC Technician technical diploma.

Program Code: 31-420-1.A

Start Dates: August/January

Career Cluster: Manufacturing


Detailed Program Information

Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 Course Requirements (link)
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