Friday – July 22, 2016


Fire Protection Technician


Oak Creek Campus 


This program prepares students for employment in the fire service and/or fire-related duties within private industry. The objectives of the program are twofold: to instruct qualified high school graduates who are seeking a career in the fire service, and to update firefighters and officers on changes within the fire service.
Students will have the opportunity to obtain three Wisconsin fire certifications and a Wisconsin Emergency Medical Technician license. 

Career Outlook: Fire technology is becoming more complex, so well-trained and educated firefighters are in demand for positions with public and private organizations. 

Career Pathway: You can earn the Emergency Medical Technician technical diploma on your way to completing this associate degree.

Program Code: 10-503-2 

Start Dates: August/January

Special Admission Requirements: One year of high school-level chemistry; student should have good mechanical aptitude and be in excellent physical condition. 

Detailed Program Information: 
Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 Course Requirements

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