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The U-PASS (M•CARD) is a Milwaukee County bus pass available to MATC students enrolled in 6 or more college level credits. The U-PASS (M•CARD) allows MATC students to use the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) seven days a week. Eligible students get unlimited rides on the MCTS buses - just touch your U-PASS (M•CARD) flat to the orange target on the farebox and show your Stormer Pass to the driver when you get on board. The U-PASS is already paid for in your student fees, but you will be charged a replacement fee if it is lost or stolen. Students will only be able to have one active U-PASS (M•CARD)  at any one time while they are a student at MATC.




Semester Weeks UPASS Start Date UPASS End Date
Spring 2019 20 1/11/2019 5/31/2019
Summer 2019 12 5/31/2019 8/23/2019
Fall 2019 20 8/23/2019 1/10/2020
Spring 2020 20 1/10/2020 5/29/2020

Effective August 1, 2016

U-PASS users who repeatedly fail to show their Stormer Pass to the MCTS Bus Driver after touching the U-PASS to the farebox may have their card blocked by MCTS. Riders who wish to get a new card will have to pay the replacement fee. Repeat offenders may be removed from the U-PASS program.

** Please remember your Stormer Pass must be used in combination with your U-PASS (M•CARD) when riding the Milwaukee County Transit System.


Effective Fall Semester, 2019

U-PASS users who meet the U-PASS eligibility requirements will no longer have to re-register their U-PASS cards. Cards will be automatically updated and registered as long as you meet the requirements for your semester.



U-PASS Eligibility:

  • Fall students: 6 or more college-level credits
  • Spring students: 6 or more college-level credits
  • Summer students: 3 or more college-level credits

Lost your U-PASS card?

  • Report to any of the Stormer Pass/U-PASS campus stations (Summer U-pass are available at the Downtown campus only.)
  • A fee will be assessed of $50 for the first lost U-PASS Card for spring and fall - $25 for summer
  • Fees will continue to increase should students lose their U-PASS Card more than once.
    After second time before a third one is issued, student must to meet with Student Life

What happens to the original U-PASS Card if it is lost or stolen?

  • When a student is issued a replacement card the original card will be deactivated upon receiving the new U-PASS Card.

Are there routes that offer service to MATC?



U-PASS Hours

Summer U-passes are available at the Downtown campus only.  

During the semester, regular business hours are subject to change due to meetings and/or Student Life events. Please call the campus if you wish to visit to confirm hours or to make an appointment.  Please call the campus if you wish to visit to confirm hours or to make an appointment.

For more information about the U-PASS program, please call 414-297-7859 or email the Student Life Office at studentlife@matc.edu.