Tuesday – January 28, 2020

Stormer Pass

A student ID and so much more, your Stormer Pass gives you access to:

  • Campus Cash (Use in the Campus Café, Stormer Cafes and vending machines at each campus)
  • Library (Check-out privileges at four campus libraries)
  • Pay for prints and copies in MATC libraries, academic support centers and computer labs
  • Athletic facilities (Downtown Milwaukee Campus only)
  • Parking discounts (Downtown Milwaukee Campus only)
  • Student Union
  • Registration for upcoming semesters
  • Selling books back to MATC bookstore

Don't Have a Stormer Pass?

  • New Students are encouraged to pick up their Stormer Pass at the beginning of the semester.
  • Pick yours up at the Stormer Pass Office from the Stormer Pass Office at any campus.  
  • Bring a photo identification for verification to receive a Stormer Pass.
  • Stormer Pass must be kept for a minimum of two years and must be traded-in for a free replacement

Need to Add Money to Your Stormer Pass?

There are two ways to add Campus Cash to your Stormer Pass.

Your funds will be deposited in U.S. currency to your Campus Cash account when you submit your transaction as long as it is completed prior to 9 p.m.

Refund Procedure

MATC will refund the Campus Cash Account remaining greater than $5 balance. For balances of $5 or less, the balance must be used for on-campus purchases. Refund requests should be processed at the Student Life Office or the Stormer Pass station on campus. The request will be processed within 15 days of the Business Office receiving the request. All refunds will be processed according to MATC policy.

Lost or Stolen Stormer Pass?

  • Report lost or stolen cards to the Stormer Pass Office or Stormer Pass Station at each campus during normal business hours.
  • The account holder is liable for any unauthorized charges that may occur to lost or stolen cards.
  • After normal business hours, report a lost or stolen card by e-mail at stormerpass@matc.edu If you give notice of a lost or stolen card by telephone, you must confirm this in writing within 48 hours, to the Stormer Pass Office/Station.
  • Lost or stolen card can be reported by using the E-Accounts Site: https://matcstormerpass-sp.blackboard.com/eaccounts.
  • Please go to the cashier to pay the non-refundable $15 replacement fee.  Bring the receipt and photo identification to the Stormer Pass Office for new student card.  
  • A new photo will be taken to receive the replacement Stormer Pass.
US Bank Logo

Make Your Stormer Pass Card the only Card on and off Campus!

You have enough to worry about in college without having to stress out about your finances. U.S. Bank makes it simple. Open a U.S. Bank Student Checking account and turn your Stormer Pass Card into your Campus ID and ATM/Debit Card -- all in one. We've made it easy for you to manage your money with a great checking account for students. Learn more about U.S. Bank! Link to http://www.usbank.com/matc. Stop by the branch on the Milwaukee Campus in Room S301 to talk to a U.S. Bank representative.

Tier 2 Banking Relationship

Under the federal cash management regulations, Milwaukee Area Technical College has a tier 2 relationship with U.S. Bank. More information can be found on the links below.


U.S. Bank Deposit Account Agreement

DOE Disclosure


Deposit products offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Member FDIC. ©2019 U.S. Bank.
Your school chose U.S. Bank as its partner to offer students, faculty and staff the option to add banking functionality to the campus ID card. Your school may receive financial support from U.S. Bank in the form of marketing funds, royalties, card stock or other compensation to offset costs otherwise incurred by the school. Students, faculty and staff are not required to open an account with U.S. Bank to receive or use the campus ID card for other campus services.


What if my card is nearing the expiration date printed on the back?

Please trade your Stormer Pass in that is expiring at the Stormer Pass Office to get a new card. If you do not trade it in, it will be treated as a lost or stolen card and students will be responsible for the replacement fee.  A new photo will be taken to receive the replacement Stormer Pass.

You will not need to renew or update your card if you continue to take more than one MATC credit. The card fee paid each semester is a non-refundable activation fee. If you take one or fewer credits, you must pay the card reactivation fee at the cashier each semester. The activation fee paid does not entitle you to a new card or new photo.

For more Stormer Pass information, e-mail studentlife@matc.edu.



Stormer Pass Hours

Due to Student Life functions, meeting and events - All hours are subject to change without notice.

Please call the campus if you wish to visit to confirm hours or to make an appointment.

For more information about the Stormer Pass, please call 414-297-7859 or email the Student Life Office at studentlife@matc.edu.