Sunday – September 14, 2014


Scholastic Recognition

Scholastic Recognition/Honor Graduation Fall and Spring Semesters

Eligibility Requirements:

Registered and eligible to graduate in either December or May from an associate degree or 1-2 year technical diploma program and have a 3.5 or higher cumulative grade-point average. This is not a competitive program. Therefore, there are no requirements to receive recognition.

Note: In order to graduate and receive scholastic recognition, students must officially apply for graduation with the college's Registration office. The deadline to apply is October 31 for fall graduation and March 31 for spring graduation.


Transcript notification, honor cords for graduation, and an opportunity to be nominated for a Lamp of Knowledge or other special recognition award.

Notification Timetable:

Eligible students are notified between mid-October and the end of November for the fall semester and between mid-March and the end of April for the spring semester.

Honor Graduate Materials:
Document Coversheet
Information Sheets
Press Release Form