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Academic Support

MATC's Academic Support centers and services provide all enrolled students with opportunities to achieve academic success in courses and programs. All four campuses offer supportive and intervention services.

Academic Support Center Locations and Hours

For a software inventory list of all software applications available to MATC students in each Academic Support Center by computer, click here.

pay-for-printUsing your Stormer Pass at MATC printers (Pharos system)
Stormer Passes may be required for entry and printing in centers.

MATC utilizes a Pay for Print system for printing and copying. 

The Academic Support Centers and the Libraries have implemented the Pharos Print procedure. Print jobs are captured and listed at a Pharos release station. Use your Stormer Pass to release the captured job to print. Be sure your printing account has sufficient funds, or your print job will not be released.

Detailed instructions are available -
Powerpoint | Adobe PDF 

Tutoring Services

Four types of tutoring are offered:

  • Assigned Tutoring - Want a regular appointment, same time each week? Assigned Tutoring is for you! Tutoring is usually in a small group or in a session that may grow into a group.
  • Open Group Tutoring (also called, "Supplemental Instruction" or "SI") - Believe it or not: Most people learn best in small groups. Open Group Tutoring has sessions that meet several times each week. Attendance is optional.
  • Walk-in Tutoring - Don't know your schedule? Walk-in Tutoring is for the student who occasionally wants to "drop in." Times and subject areas vary throughout the week.
  • Distance Tutoring - Can't get to campus for tutoring? Try one of these services via computer or phone: the Online Tutor, the Online Writing Lab, and the Homework Helpline.

Visit http://matc.edu/student/resources/Tutoring/index.cfm for more information.


Communication Center
offers assistance in business and business-related courses, computer application courses, computer use, keyboarding, medical transcription and multimedia presentations. Room C278.

Computer Production Center provides help in computer use, computer programming, computer application courses, keyboarding, multimedia presentations and website creation. Room M273.

Math Center helps students in all levels of math, accounting, engineering-related courses, occupational math and statistics. Room C271.

Science Center provides assistance in anatomy and physiology, astronomy, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, medical terminology, microbiology, nutrition, physics, psychology, sociology, engineering sciences, social sciences and technical sciences. Room C271.

Tutoring Services include Assigned Tutoring, Open Group Tutoring (SI), Walk-in Tutoring, and Distance Tutoring (the Online Tutor, the Online Writing Lab, and the Homework Helpline). Visit us in Room C201.

Writing Center works in conjunction with the Online Writing Lab (OWL) to assist students in course-related written assignments including essays, research papers, professional writing and other writing projects in all disciplines. Room C270.

Direct general questions to Roger Plath, manager of Tutoring Services and Academic Support, Downtown Milwaukee Campus, Room C201, 414-297-6791, plathr@matc.edu.

Academic Support Center
assists students in areas listed at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus.
Room A262.  For information, contact NB210asc@matc.edu; 262-238-2200.

Academic Support Center
assists students in areas listed at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus.
Room A208.  For information, contact Dick Simon, simonrh@matc.edu; 414-571-4647

Academic Support Center
assists students in areas listed at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus.
Room 249.  For information, contact Susan Maloney, malonesm@matc.edu or Robert Nilsen, nilsenr@matc.edu; 414-456-5334.