Tuesday – May 22, 2018

OWL Writing Tips - Transitions

Transitions are useful words to achieve variety and smooth transitions between sentences.

Transistion Type 

Transistion Words 


and, besides, in addition, also, too, moreover, further, furthermore, next, first, second, third, finally, last, again, and , then, likewise, similarly


similarly, likewise, in like manner, at the same time, in the same way


but, yet, however, still, nevertheless, on the other hand, on the contrary, in contrast, conversely, in another sense, instead, rather, notwithstanding, though, whereas, after all, although


indeed, in fact, above all, add to this, and, also, even more, in any event, in other words, that is, obviously


after all, finally, in sum, for these reasons


for example, for instance, to illustrate, that is, namely, specifically

Cause and Effect, Proof, Conclusions

thus, therefore, consequently, because of this, hence, as a result, then, so, accordingly

Place or Direction

over, above, inside, next to, underneath, to the left, to the right, just behind, beyond, in the distance


meanwhile, soon, later, afterward, now, in the past, then, next, before, during, while, finally, after this, at last, since then, presently, temporarily, after a short time, at the same time, in the mean time


to sum up, in brief, on the whole, as has been noted, in conclusion, that is, finally, as has been said, in general, to recapitulate, to conclude, in other words