Tuesday – October 15, 2019



Hello and welcome to InternConnect!

Our vision is to make your academic and professional skills more marketable as you enter the workforce with internship and  career experience opportunities.  

Here are a few top reasons to intern during your time here at MATC:

  1. Apply and strengthen your skills
  2. Gain valuable career experience
  3. Decide if this is the right career path for you
  4. Get a leg up on your competition by having relevant experience
  5. Getting your foot in the door
  6. Networking opportunities
  7. Getting reference
  8. Securing a job


Important internship information:

ALL students planning to take an internship class are required to take prerequisite, INTRN-796, the semester prior to starting the actual internship class.

Visit INFOnline to register.


Please contact us with any questions you have regarding internships at:

MATC InternConnect Center

700 West State Street, Room S114

Milwaukee, WI 53233