Tuesday – June 18, 2019

Student Emergency Assistance Grants

Are you a student experiencing a financial emergency that could result in you leaving MATC?
You can get help with access to financial resources that may allow you to stay in school.

MATC's Dreamkeepers program provides small emergency assistance grants (usually less than $500) to students.

FAST Fund is a small grant for students who aren't eligible for Dreamkeepers or need money in less than 48 hours.

Requirements for the Grants
•   A one-time, unexpected event that causes a financial emergency
•   Unlikely to re-occur
•   No other resources available
•   Documentation regarding the cause and need

Examples of emergencies include:
•   Loss due to fire, theft or accident
•   Sudden, unavoidable interruption of income


How to Apply

There is one, seamless process to apply for assistance from any of these emergency assistance funds:
Apply online at https://matc.dreamkeepers.org.

Completed applications will be routed to the appropriate resource.

If students need assistance with their application – or if urgent timing is an issue – they can visit or contact:

Downtown Milwaukee Campus
Student Life Office
Room M303