Wednesday – June 01, 2016

Credit for Prior Learning and Experience

Getting Credit for What You Already Know

Credit for Prior Learning and Experience


Do you have experience in your career area?
Are you proficient in a certain subject?
Have you looked at one of our courses and said to yourself, "I'm pretty sure I know everything that class teaches"? 

You may be able to earn credit for the things you already know! 

What can I get credit for? 

Although there are many ways in which to learn essential skills, most students entering MATC learned skills that could be used for credit in one of the following ways: 

Work/Life Experience - You may have learned essential skills as part of your job, part of a volunteer experience, or as a skill you needed in your life. 

Certification/Licensure - Do you have an industry or vendor certification or obtain a professional license? This credential may be worth credit. 

Classroom Learning - Courses you took at other institutions may transfer to MATC, even if you took the course in high school instead of college. 

Business Training - Did you receive training or continuing education as part of your job? This training may be worth credit.

Military Experience -  Do you have military training and work experience?  Your military coursework, training and occupational specialty may earn you college credit.

Examination - Have you taken any Advanced Placement (AP) or College Level (CLEP) exams? Do you think you could test-out of a class? You may be able to get credit based on your exam performance. 

Apprenticeship - If you have completed an apprenticeship that is registered through the Wisconsin Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards (BAS) or with U.S. Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeships, you can receive credit toward the Technical Studies: Apprentice Associates Degree. 

Getting Started
Are you a good candidate for credit for prior learning and experience? Answer a few questions at this link and find out.

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