Saturday – August 01, 2015


Walk-in Tutoring

Walk-in Tutoring is convenient for the student with only a few questions to ask about a course. No appointment is needed. Students can get walk-in help in most subject areas at the various Academic Support Centers on all four MATC campuses. For information about the Academic Support Centers, their services, locations, and hours, click here

See schedules for Walk-in and Open Group (SI) Study Sessions.

While Walk-in Tutoring fills a quick need for help, regular weekly tutoring yields the best long-lasting results and better grades. Click on the links below to find the type of tutoring that best fits your personal needs:

  • Assigned Tutoring - Want a regular appointment, same time each week? Assigned Tutoring is for you! Tutoring is usually in a small group or in a session that may grow into a group.
  • Open Group Tutoring (also called "Supplemental Instruction" or "SI") - Believe it or not: Most people learn best in small groups. Group Tutoring has sessions that meet several times each week. Attendance is optional.
  • Distance Tutoring - Can’t get to campus for tutoring? Try one of these services via computer or phone.
  • Comparison of the Types of Tutoring - Know the differences!




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