Tuesday – August 04, 2015


Meet our Tutors and Students

Many students take advantage of the college's convenient and free Tutoring Services. Here are a few testimonials from our students and tutors...


Landry, Computer Electronics Technology student
At first, Landry did not think tutoring was for him. "I was like, tutoring, no thanks," he recalls. But he changed his mind and has improved his academics and gained confidence.


Matthew, math and electronics tutor
Matthew says, "Everybody's got this idea that math is a huge challenge, but when they come in and get help, they catch on. Tutoring Services will not give up until a problem is solved!"


Natalie, Dental Hygiene student
Natalie says she is "doing much better" in class, now that she takes part in tutoring sessions.


Jessica, anatomy and physiology tutor
Jessica tells students that "none of us are born knowing the material," so everyone can benefit from additional help.


Delois, Registered Nursing student
Delois recommends using  Tutoring Services as soon as possible. "Get the help right away  don't wait until the end of the semester."


Carol, biology tutor
Carol says she tutors because "I like to see students smiling." She will help students overcome whatever obstacles they face in biology so they can succeed – and smile.


Chris, Architectural Technology student
Chris recommends doing homework in the Academic Support Centers, where tutors are available. "In case you have questions, there are people here to answer them."


Loop, Music Occupations program tutor
Loop tells students that "you're guaranteed to benefit when you work with your tutor" through Tutoring Services at MATC.


Amy, Respiratory Therapy student
Amy says taking part in tutoring sessions is "a continuing learning experience, and it's great."


Bouazza, math tutor
Bouazza enjoys his job because he gets to meet students who "try to succeed and improve."