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Assigned Tutoring

Assigned Tutoring is for MATC students who want a tutoring appointment at the same time each week. Applicants are assigned to a tutor in a small group or in a session that might grow into a group.

To Get a Tutor:

Apply at the campus where you want to study:

  • For the Downtown Milwaukee Campus, go to Tutoring Services in Room C201.
  • For the Mequon Campus, go to the Academic Support Center in Room A282.
  • For the Oak Creek Campus, go to the Academic Support Center in Room A208.
  • For the West Allis Campus, go to the Academic Support Center in Room 249.

Important points to remember:

  • Apply for a tutor early in the semester to increase the chances of being matched with a tutor.
  • Follow the directions carefully in applying for the tutor.
  • Tutoring Services cannot guarantee every student will be assigned a tutor. There is a limited number of available tutors to match the student's schedule.
  • Tutoring Services will contact you as soon as a match is found.
  • A match is based on the course(s) you need help with and the times you are available.


What is Assigned Tutoring?

Watch Video

Downtown Miwaukee Campus Assigned Tutoring: "What You Need To Know"

Overview of the Process and Policies of Applying for a Tutor (Downtown Milwaukee Campus)

Tutoring Services exists to assist you with your studies. Students are offered one hour of small group tutoring per week, per course. Placements are made on a first come, first served basis, depending on availability of tutors and your schedule. We cannot guarantee that we will find a tutor for you, but we will do our best. It may take a few weeks to make a match for you.

Here's how to apply…..

  1. Read these instructions carefully.
  2. Go to Room C201 at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus to get the Tutoring Application. (For the Mequon, Oak Creek, and West Allis Campuses, apply at the Academic Support Centers.)
  3. Send an email from your official MATC Gmail account with your name in the subject line to You will get an auto-response. Print out the auto-response and attach it to your application form.
  4. Give the application to the front desk in Room C201, Downtown Milwaukee Campus.
  5. VERY IMPORTANT! Daily check your official MATC Gmail account. (An "Alias" or a "Forward" may not work!) That is how we will tell you about your appointment!
  6. Carefully follow the directions in the email sent about your first appointment.
  7. Print out your email. When you come for tutoring, give your print-out to the front desk staff. They will show you how to sign in. 
    • You will be set up with "Assigned Tutoring" or recommended to Open Group Tutoring (SI).  Assigned Tutoring may be in a small group or a session that might grow into a group.
    • If you discover that there is a problem with your placement, discuss it with the Manager of Tutoring Services.


When you come to tutoring, please remember... 

  • Attend all your classes regularly.
  • Be on time.
  • Your tutor will not do your homework, explain entire chapters, correct your assignments, or help you with a take-home test.
  • The tutors are trained to facilitate active participation. This is your opportunity to interact with your classmates and gain a more thorough understanding of course materials.

What to bring to your session:

  • Specific questions for what you want to accomplish in your session.
  • Ideas to contribute to your session.
  • Course syllabus and/or assignment information.
  • Something to write with and something to write on.
  • Necessary texts and other materials.

Attendance Policy

You must attend your tutoring appointment each week. Call 414-297-6791 if you cannot attend. This will still count as a miss.

Note: Your appointment will be canceled...

  1. If you miss your first appointment
  2. If you are a "no show" 2 times
  3. If you miss 3 appointments for any reason.

Once you are canceled, you must wait 2 weeks to reapply. After a second cancellation, you must wait 4 weeks to reapply. You will be rescheduled only if space is available. Priority for scheduling will be given to new students.

Changing appointments is strongly discouraged. Changes are requested on the yellow "Request for Change" form, which can be picked up at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus, Room C201.

For FAQ about "Missed" Appointments, click here.




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