Thursday – December 12, 2019

Transitioning From Military to College

The following are guidelines for veterans who are entering college. These address the most common questions a veteran applicant may have. Other information or documentation may be required as well. 

  1. Meet with the County Veterans Service Officer to establish your GI Bill educational benefits.
  2. Apply for admission and select your program.

    Apply for admissions to MATC and submit your high school and college transcripts (school transcripts). Visit the MATC website ( Located under student services is all of the information you may need including admissions, advising, CPLE, program requirements, testing, financial aid, and registration.

  3. Military and civilian credit for prior learning applications should be submitted as soon as possible to determine how many credits you will be awarded for your prior experiences.

    MATC will grant PHYED 210, 3 credits, with the submission of your discharge papers showing an honorable discharge. Additional credits may be awarded based on your military training. More information can be found at

  4. Apply for financial aid

    Instruction sheet containing step by step directions on the financial aid application process as well as important information to remember throughout the application process: Instruction Sheet.

    Apply for financial aid online:

  5. Complete online student orientation.

    Welcome! You are now officially an MATC student veteran and we look forward to helping you achieve your academic goals.

  6. Meet with your MATC advisor.

    Your advisor is listed on your program plan.

  7. Register for classes.

    All of your classes must be in your approved program. Classes outside of your approved program are not eligible for federal veteran education benefits (Chapters 30, 31, 33, 35, and 1606).

  8. Submit paperwork to the Military Education Support Office.

    Submit copies of your military discharge paperwork, certificate of eligibility and the MATC veteran education benefits forms. Verify you are submitting the current form for your term/year. Please ensure all of the information contained on your forms is current and legible. Certifications are processed in the order they are received. Any missing documentation and/or incorrect information will delay the processing of your benefits. In addition, class schedule changes and program changes will also delay your benefits since any changes may require recertification. Report these changes as soon as possible to the certifying official so your forms can be updated