Friday – January 18, 2019

Resources for Supervisors of Student Workers


When hiring a new student worker, complete this form and return to the Financial Aid office:

When rehiring a returning student worker (who worked for you before) for a new school year OR if you are hiring a student who has previously worked as a student worker in the last year with another department, complete this form:

I-9 form (for when a new student worker will not be turning in their paperwork in person)


Student pay period and time sheet due dates:

Work study weekly allowed hours calculator:

Step by step instructions for hiring a student worker:

Information regarding student orientation and your role as a supervisor:

Work Study Update: 

Starting January 2nd, 2018, the JOBshop will no longer be managing the Work Study program. All questions should be directed towards the Financial Aid office at or 414-297-MATC.


  1. When can my student worker start working?
    • A student may begin work once they have turned in their completed paperwork to the JOBshop and have taken the required orientation.
  2. Why haven't I received my student's time sheets yet?
    • There are usually two reasons why you wouldn't have received them:
      • Time sheets will be emailed out by 4pm Friday the week after paperwork is accepted.
      • Time sheets will only be emailed out if the student has completed the required orientation.
  3. Can a student worker work over a break between semesters?
    • Yes, however there are certain requirements that must be met:
      • For work study students, they must have been awarded work study funds for the upcoming semester and must be registered for six credits in that semester also.
      • For budgeted students, they must be registered for three credits in the upcoming semester.
  4. How many hours per week can a student worker work?
    • Work study students can work up to 16 hours per week.
    • Budgeted students can work up to 19 hours per week.
  5. How do I know if my student worker is a work study student or a budgeted student?
    • Work study students will be awarded work study funds by the financial aid office and budgeted student workers are paid from your department's budget so you would have to give a GL budget code on the enrollment form.
  6. Where do student turn in their time sheet?
    • Time sheets are turned in to the silver box outside of the payroll office, M66, at the downtown campus. If you are off campus, you can fax the time sheet to 414-297-8702. Be sure to call the payroll office at 414-297-7341 to verify they received the fax.
  7. When are student workers paid?
    • Student workers are paid every other Friday, the opposite Friday from when faculty/staff get paid. You can download their pay schedule from the information section on this page.
  8. When can my student turn in their paperwork to the JOBshop?
    • Paperwork can be turned in between 1pm and 4pm every other week. The schedule can be found in the information section above.