Saturday – October 21, 2017

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Career Planning Resources

America's Job Bank

Career Zone
Get information about occupations.

Career Pro News

Job search guide from the public library

Job search, salary information

Occupational Outlook

Occupational Outlook Quarterly

Occupational Information Book/Network

Job listings for MATC students

What Color is Your Parachute?

William Needler Job Forum
Job search support group

Wisconsin Careers/Occupations Handbook
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Personal Counseling Resources

1.  If you think you may be depressed, get information and please take a depression screening test.

2.  If you feel you are under a great deal of stress and anxiety, here's a definition of anxiety, symptoms, and tips or how to cope with stress.

3.  Are you or is someone else worried about your use of alcohol and/or drugs?  Take an assessment to help you decide if your use has become abuse.

4.  Perhaps you need help coping with your feelings.  Here's help.

5.  Explore some options toward having better relationships with the people in your life. Strategies for building better relationships. Coping with a breakup.

6.  Other topics to explore

Reach Out for Help:  Milwaukee Area Resource Agencies

The Counseling Center 414-271-4560
Mental Health Association in Milwaukee County 414-276-3122
IMPACT Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services 414-256-4808
Milwaukee County Community Resource Hotline 414-773-0211 or toll-free, 1-866-211-3380