Tuesday – January 28, 2020

Academic Counseling

An MATC counselor is one of your first contacts after admission to a degree or diploma program. He or she will help you interpret your course placement scores and explain more about your program of study.

Counseling and Program Planning Session
You will be invited to attend this session after you've completed the application process. This important first meeting maps out your college plan and lays the foundation for your future.  Your counselor will help you begin to select courses for your first semester.

Your Academic Advisor
During your first semester, you will be assigned a faculty advisor from your degree or diploma program. Your faculty advisor will help you plan your coursework each semester until you graduate. Contact your faculty advisor at least once each semester.

Academic Success and Retention
Counselors help you achieve your academic goals. Whenever you have concerns that interfere with your academic success, counselors are here for you.

If you are placed on academic suspension or academic probation, your counselor becomes your academic advisor to help you get back on track.

You may also be required to attend a Path to College Success Workshop. These four-hour sessions help suspended students re-enter their degree or diploma program. The workshops provide tips on time management, study skills, stress management and overall strategies for college success. They also help students complete the paperwork necessary for reinstatement.

If you are suspended from MATC, you may choose to either not attend for a semester, or file an appeal. If you sit out a semester, you must still file an appeal to be reinstated for the following semester. If your appeal is granted, you will be put on probation and will meet with your counselor. You will remain on probation until you achieve good academic standing.  You must file your reinstatement before the deadline of the semester in which you want to enroll.

Visit this page to read more about Standards for Academic Success.

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