Saturday – June 23, 2018

Personal Help

Many Adult High School students are under enormous pressures as they earn a living, go to school, and take care of their children. Stress, depression and substance abuse affect how you focus in school, the way you do your job, and your relationships with others.

Once you find out what is causing you to feel or act in a certain way, the next step is finding someone to talk to about it. See your counselor and academic advisor, who will listen to you confidentially, and point you to MATC resources to help get you back on track.

You might also want to try these Milwaukee-area agencies:

  • The Counseling Center, 414-271-4560
  • Family Service of Milwaukee, 414-342-4560
  • Alcoholism and Drug Dependency Council of Milwaukee, Inc., 414-643-8444
  • MATC is also a member of which you can log in to be selecting MATC as your school from the drop-down log-in menus. There you will find a wealth of helpful information.