Sunday – November 17, 2019

Online Learning for Adult High School Students

The online diploma program offers high school classes for credit online. Staffed by caring and committed faculty members selected for their experience and innovative approaches to learning, the program makes instruction available at any time and in any place convenient to students. Students who don't have access to a computer can use computer labs at any of the four MATC campuses.

MATC's Adult High School requires 46 credits to graduate. Our courses are one credit for a semester's work, unlike high schools that award one-half (.5) credit for a semester's work and require 20-25 credits for graduation. Check with your school counselor to verify that you are taking the appropriate course for the appropriate credit.

MATC's Adult High School Online Learners

Our students lead busy lives, juggling the responsibilities of home, school and work. They need flexibility in how they complete their course work. They are earning an MATC Adult High School Diploma or are attending another high school but need to make up credits or take courses not offered by their district. They are self-motivated and want to study at their own pace. They are independent learners who can make the most of online instructional resources.

Online Course Offerings

You can take online courses in Communication, English, Mathematics, Health, History, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and even GED preparation. Using INFOnline from the MATC home page will help you access current course offerings. From the INFOnline start page:

  1. Select "search for available classes"
  2. Select the term
  3. Select "online" from the Online/College of the Air pull-down menu 
  4. Select "Adult High School" from the Academic Level pull-down menu
  5. Click "submit"

What to Expect

Your course activities and assignments will be posted online. You can work day or night, but you must keep up with your course work just as you would in any other class. You will send your assignments via e-mail. Some classes require that you come to campus for tests, or have someone proxy your tests where you live or go to school.

If you don't have Internet access, you may use computers in the MATC computer labs, the Academic Support Centers or your local library.

How to Enroll in Online Classes

Students may register for classes in person at any one of our four regional campuses, or online through INFOnline (currently enrolled students only). See the registration area of this website for details. If you are attending another high school, speak with your counselor about taking an online course.

If you are under the age of 18 but at least 16 years old, you must be a full-time student (not suspended, expelled or home schooled) and have written permission from a counselor or other school official specifying which courses you intend to complete. Please contact Kevin Mulvenna at for information and assistance.

If you are under 18 and at least 16 years old and are not enrolled as a full-time student, but would like to attend MATC's Adult High School, call Valencia Weinman at 414-297-8661.

Be very realistic in planning your program. If you are already taking classes at MATC or another school, you should probably take just one additional class online. Taking two or more online classes can be overwhelming, especially for a student who is enrolled in regular classes or working. Online courses are offered on a semester (16-week) basis beginning in August or January and in an accelerated session beginning in June.

After you register, send your instructor an e-mail letting him or her know you've registered and are ready to start. 

Begin your online course when the semester begins (or shortly thereafter) and complete it by the end of the term. Classes fill up quickly and cannot be overloaded.

Questions? Contact Kevin Mulvenna at or 414-297-7987.