Sunday – April 22, 2018

Questions and Answers for New Adult High School Students

Call the Adult High School office at 414-297-6331 with any questions you might have.

How do I know if the Adult High School is for me?

First, you should be at least 18 years of age. If you need less than six credits to complete high school, you may want to contact your previous school and see if they will grant you a diploma if you complete the credits they require at MATC. The Adult High School has a six-credit residency requirement, meaning that even if you needed just one credit at your previous school, you will need to complete six at MATC to earn the Adult High School Diploma.

What if I am under 18 years old?
Some underage students attend the Adult High School through special arrangements between MATC and their regular school district. Talk to your school counselor about this option.

How do I enroll in Adult High School courses?

  • Obtain transcripts from the last high school you attended. Bring your transcripts to the Adult High School desk in Foundation Hall (FH) 210 at least two days before you plan to register. Or bring your transcripts with you when you take your screening test at MATC.
  • Take the screening test for placement in the proper level of classes. The test is given several times a week. Contact the Assessment Center, Room S215, phone 414-297-6233, for next available test dates. This is not a test you pass or fail, but a placement test.
  • Register and pay for classes at an orientation session. You will be notified about the time and place for orientation. Your high school transcripts will be evaluated, you will get information about the Adult High School program, and you will choose your classes.

When and where are classes held?
Classes are held at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus, 700 West State Street. Day classes are on an eight-week quarter system and begin in August, October, January, March and June. Complete the screening and registration well in advance of the start of a quarter. Evening and Internet courses are on a 16-week semester basis beginning in August and January. A shorter summer session begins in June. 

When do classes meet and for how long?
Day classes meet Monday through Friday for just under two hours each, beginning at 8 a.m., 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Online and evening courses are also offered for your convenience.

Why do classes last longer than they did at my old school?
Because we're on the quarter system. You will accomplish in eight weeks what would normally be covered in a 16-week semester class that met daily for 50-60 minutes. This allows you to make up credits more quickly.

How many credits or classes do I need to graduate?
Forty-two credits are required to graduate: 8 in English, 6 in Social Studies, 4* in Math, 4* in Science, 1 in Computers, 3 in Health or Physical Education, 1 in Career Education, 1 in an Occupation course, 1 in Financial Literacy, 1 in Success Strategies for School and 12* in elective subjects. You will be given credit for courses taken at other schools. 

*Beginning with graduates in 2016-17, 6 credits in Math, 6 credits in Science, 8 credits in electives will be required; the other credits and subjects will remain the same.

What if I've never (or barely ever) attended high school?
It will likely take you four years as it would in a traditional school, but plenty of others before you have been successful. Many have graduated and gone on to college and careers.

What if I need only a couple of credits?
If you plan to earn an Adult High School Diploma, you will still need to fulfill the six-credit residency requirement.

How much do classes cost?
Academic classes are approximately $50 per credit, while technical/industrial courses can be considerably more. All fees are due upon registration and you can be "deregistered" for not paying. There is also a nominal ID fee.

How do I know how many credits I need?
Only by meeting with an advisor and having your credits evaluated can you be sure. It is unwise to try to register without the assistance of someone who understands the graduation requirements and how courses transfer from other schools. 

Is there assistance with books?
Several book loan options are available within the Adult High School for those who qualify. Ask your advisor when you register for classes. 

Is there assistance with child care?
You can apply for child care through MATC's Child Care Services. Call 414-297-6388 for information, availability and fee information.