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GED Testing and HSED (High School Equivalency Diploma)


A new GED test began being used in 2014
The 2014 GED test is now used, and this version cancels all previous incomplete GED test scores. The change also affects the Spanish version of the GED Test.

The GED 2014 test consists of four parts: Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA), Mathematical Reasoning, Science and Social Studies. If you plan to take the GED test, you must attend an orientation session and academic screening session. Call 414-297-7471 for information on these sessions.

GED testing centers are located at the Downtown Milwaukee, Mequon, Oak Creek and West Allis campuses. At the Downtown Milwaukee Campus, GED testing is conducted in Room S215 in the Student Center. For information about the GED, call: Downtown Milwaukee Campus, 414-297-6233; Mequon Campus, 262-238-2300; Oak Creek Campus, 414-571-4711; West Allis Campus, 414-456-5492.


Get Prepared for the GED/HSED
If you need preparation before taking the General Educational Development (GED) test, MATC offers many opportunities to help you learn what you need to know. First, take MATC's Academic Screening Test to find out your reading and math levels and where you'll need assistance. Call the MATC Testing Center at 414-297-6233 to listen to a taped message about how to arrange to take the Academic Screening Test. There is a fee for the pre-test.


After your screening test, you will receive a letter giving you a date and time for an Academic Information and Registration session (AIR). At the AIR session, you will select and register for classes. We can help you enroll in courses so you may prepare for the test. Studying is not required but often recommended. Basic Skills courses and classes at MATC's Adult High School can help you catch up on English, mathematics, science and social studies, no matter what your skill level. There are also specific GED Preparation classes offered at MATC campuses during the day, evening and online. MATC also has classes at Community-Based Organizations (CBOs).


After the Academic Screening, if you want to begin taking the GED/HSED tests, you must first complete MATC's GED/HSED Orientation and Career Planning course, CAREER-750. This workshop is a one-time session required by the State of Wisconsin. It will explain what you need to know about taking the test, completing diploma requirements, and career planning. You will receive a DPI form when you complete this workshop. This form is required for you to schedule a GED/HSED test. There is a cost for this workshop.


Earning an HSED
To earn a High School Equivalency Diploma, complete all of the steps above for the GED certificate, plus:

  1. Complete a Civic Literacy requirement by either passing a test, successfully completing a Civic Literacy course in MATC's Adult High School, or by showing on a high school transcript that you have earned three high school Social Studies credits.
  2. Complete a health requirement by either passing a test, completing half of a credit in health while in high school, or completing an MATC Adult High School health course.
  3. Complete MATC's Employability Skills course.

There are four other methods of earning a High School Equivalency Diploma. Please call 414-297-7471 for information about these options.

 For more information, visit the State of Wisconsin GED/HSED website:

Take the GED/HSED Test
Call to schedule an appointment to take the GED/HSED tests at an MATC campus. To test, you must have a DPI form that shows you have completed the Academic Screening and the CAREER-750 workshop.

If you started testing in another state or region of Wisconsin, you need an official transcript for MATC's Testing Center.

Downtown Milwaukee Campus: 414-297-6233 
Mequon Campus: 262-238-2300
Oak Creek Campus: 414-571-4711
West Allis Campus: 414-456-5492 

Visit the National GED site at for more information.


Page updated April 2014.