Thursday – May 24, 2018

Continuing Students

Check With Your Advisor Often!

If you haven't seen your advisor or don't know who he or she is, please visit the Adult High School desk in Foundation Hall (FH) 210 of the Downtown Milwaukee Campus.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Check your grade status or get an unofficial transcript online through Infonline.

Current students can check their enrollment status, G.P.A., and receive an unofficial transcript by entering their seven-digit student I.D. number which is printed on top of the schedule you receive from registration.

Adding and Dropping Courses

Be sure to talk with both your instructor and advisor to decide if dropping a course is in your best interest. Often things can be worked out so that you can continue and complete the class. If you must drop, do so with your advisor. Course Change Forms can be found in the Welcome Center of the Student Center, Room S115.

Don't wait until things become too difficult. Have a private conversation with your teacher or advisor at the first sign of trouble.  Try every available option before giving up or dropping a course. 

Avoid Getting an 'Incomplete'

If you get an "Incomplete" grade, see your instructor immediately and make arrangements to complete the course. If an incomplete is not made up during the semester after it was earned, the grade becomes a "U." Once an incomplete is made up, your instructor will file a change of grade form but you will not receive an updated report card. Instead, you will need to order a transcript if you need to prove your grade.

Official Transcripts

Visit Room S115 of the Downtown Milwaukee Campus and go to the transcript window. There is a nominal fee for the transcript, which varies depending on how quickly you need it processed. Call 414-297-6416 more information.

Apply for Graduation

During the quarter before your intended graduation from the Adult High School, you must visit the Adult High School desk in Foundation Hall (FH) 210 of the Downtown Milwaukee Campus and fill out a graduation application.

Enroll at MATC for College

Many of our graduates continue to walk the halls in pursuit of their goals. Earn an associate degree in two years, a technical diploma in one year, or begin your four-year bachelor's degree with us. Talk to your advisor, who will be glad to help you transition into one of America's finest technical colleges.